Teacher stress has increased exponentially with surprise Ofsted Inspections, classroom observations, methods of teaching being introduced by management, and targets to be met. Are you surprised that 40%* of new teachers quit within 5 years? (*Sir Michael Wilshaw former HMCI OFSTED)

L of a way 2 Pass presentations and fully interactive workshops are available for teachers and students. Your students will  master techniques to enable them to take their exams feeling confident.  The L of a way 2 Pass OFSTED workshop offers the ultimate antidote to teacher stress!

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Emotions affect everyone, everyday of their lives, and this is never more evident than in the teaching profession at present. Public speaking is the UK’s greatest fear, and although you may feel comfortable and confident in front of students, this isn’t always the case during Classroom Observations and Ofsted Inspections. Often teachers find it difficult to discuss stress with their peers, so in addition to workshops,  we can offer 1-2-1 or group sessions which provides in depth and more personal approach.

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