Does it frustrate you to see your friends taking exams seemingly calm, relaxed and in control of their emotions, when you’re a bundle of nerves, stressed, and totally overwhelmed?

Many schools offer the  L of a way 2 Pass Programme, helping you to master techniques to enable you to sit your exams feeling calm, relaxed, and in control, eliminate negative emotions such as stress, intimidation and frustration, and be able to give presentations and attend interviews with confidence. Please ask your school if they participate, and if not, to contact us to request our L of a way 2 Pass School Programme information, which includes a range of free resources as well as access to a trained L of a way 2 Pass therapist.

When sitting school, college or university exams, you know that your whole future can be affected by the result, therefore this can be an extremely stressful time for you.  An L of a way 2 Pass 1-2-1 session will teach you techniques to enable you to take your exams feeling calm, relaxed and in control.

The teenage years can be a stressful time, and many people experience social anxiety, awkwardness when meeting new people, as well as a range of other issues.  The techniques you will learn will benefit you in these and other areas.  Please discuss this during your telephone consultation so strategies can be made available to you during your session to help you combat these issues.

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