Learner Drivers

Every year, over half of the Driving Tests conducted result in failure.
Why is this so? How many good drivers do you think fail their test due to ‘nerves’ on the day’?

The L of a way 2 Pass Programme includes a range of resources to give you the best possible way to pass your driving test stress free and in fewer lessons, aiding both you and your driving instructor.

L of a way 2 Pass Book and Videos

1-2-1 Sessions Failing your driving test will cost you over £100.00, and can leave you feeling depressed, frustrated, angry, embarrassed, traumatised and anxious about your next test.  At a cost of £90.00 an L of a way 2 Pass session is less than the cost of failing your driving test! Diane is happy to discuss with your driving instructor how to tailor the session to your requirements.

Driving Tuition and Driving Therapy: If you live in Stoke on Trent postcode areas ST3, ST4, ST5, ST11, ST12,  driving tuition is with Diane, and Driving Therapy sessions are conducted by Chris,  the owners of L of a way 2 Pass.  Prices are £28.00 per hour or £270.00 for block of ten hours.  Please contact us for availability.

There are Accredited L of a way 2 Pass Instructors throughout the UK. Click here to find one in your area.


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