L of a way 2 Pass by [Hall, Diane]   For learner drivers and driving instructors, The L of a way 2 Pass book, rated 5* on Amazon is a must, packed with useful hints and tips such as Mastering the Manoeuvres, Top Ten reasons for failure and how to avoid them, Test Day Stress Busters and many more. Available in paperback and kindle.

Free Chapter from the book Test Day Stress Busters

Video downloads for learner drivers:   


Novus BlackVueVideo downloads for driving instructors:  Novus BlackVue


Free Resources for Driving Instructors and Learner Drivers:                                                    ‘Top Ten Reasons for Failure, and how to avoid them’                                                             ‘Test Day Stress Busters’,                                                                                                          Please contact us to request these, stating whether you are a learner driver or driving instructor

Early in 2018 there will be an additional range of resources for Driving Instructors, Learner Drivers, Teachers and Students.  Please contact us if you wish to be informed when these become available 






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